Elegant Or Trashy

What do men find attractive? Maddeningly explosive or elegantly presented? Surveys have shown that, most of the men don’t find too flashy, trashy or cheesy outfits much of alluring. This is also quite true for lingerie too. My dear ladies, you want to look sexy? Trust me you do not necessarily have to be a daredevil and put on lingerie which might question the most primitive pattern of clothing! You can still look sexy and inevitable with much less exposure- all you have to do is put in a little thought while choosing lingerie.

One most important motive behind opting for sexy lingerie is to be appealing in front of the partner. Now, before you start applying the rules of attraction from some book you have read- here is a secret which you can treasure all your life; romance is nothing extinct, it is rather alive and kicking. So there is no point in attempting to allure a guy unless you learn to blend tasty amount of romance in it. So girls say welcome to satins and laces.

Of course guys can have latex fetishes or they can be gawking at those almost-wearing-nothing models- yet most of the guys cannot ignore the kissing touch of satin on a velvety skin, nor will he be able to deny the seduction of fancy-exquisite crochet laces. Most of the guys love personality emitting from women body-it makes them believe that there has been a touch of art in the whole romantic procedure, in the ways of making love.

If you are ready to spend a little money that, I will suggest you that you opt for brand ones. There are loads of quality lingerie brands available. To name few- Le Parla, Eres, Victoria’s secret. Even the brands like Calvin Klein and Christian Dior also launches lingerie. For young girls Lycra has been quite a buzz. This lingerie definitely leaves off those cheap porn-like look, and make woman look radiant and a lot more appealing. In other words they make women look a hell of sexy.

Moreover, that cheap and trashy lingerie are not that comfortable either. They tend to emphasize on exposure and in the process they rudely sacrifice another vital issue of lingerie- providing comfort. I don’t think any of the women will say they were comfortable in super-push up bras or crotch less panties. Such lingerie is too contemporary to use- they only serve for a moment! Lingerie looks the most exotic when it suits the wearer’s body- not when it makes body parts of the wearer pop out and thus make her the most uncomfortable.

Also remember to include a good looking and elegant night wear to your sexy lingerie wardrobe. Such dresses at night- sure to turn your partner on! Also the fact that sexy lingerie can instantly turn on the mood for passive lovemaking and some intense romantic sessions makes the sexier lingerie as an elegant luxury by the world’s foremost and most passionate lovers.