Dita Von Teese Lingerie is So Sexy

What is modern, sexy, contemporary, stylish, and did I mention sexy in the way of undies or lingerie these days? Why it’s Dita Von Teese lingerie of course! Von Teese has been known as a burlesque dancer, actress, stripper, Playboy Playmate, and most recently as having her own lingerie line that exemplifies the differences between the sexes and her own brand of playfully coquettish sexiness. Her particular styling, which includes many variations of tiny seductive under garments have become the perfect items to wear to any affair or on most any occasion. Some of her specialties are:

Wonder Bras

Otherwise known as push up bras, these wonders of creative design seem to defy the laws of gravity. Von Teese chooses not to model her under garments herself but instead hires seductive and beautiful models to do that at shows around the country and around the globe. The collection, called Party Edition is to be found at various European outlets. As with most any of Dita Von Teese lingerie designs, they are distinctly retro and bring back images of the 1940’s. The wonder bra is designed to encourage women of any age to harness that glamour they have inside with her updated wonder bra that has a forties and fifties style.

Lace Stockings

The Secrets in Lace collection from Dita Von Teese lingerie has much to offer in the way of lacy sexy leg wear that peeks out from beneath a short mod skirt or negligee. The lace is truly retro in design, incorporating a new feature of a back seam stocking to bring back reminiscence of old time Burlesque queens on the stage as well as recalling the Lady in Lace known on the internet. They are also available in a new thigh high lace top model in seven different sizes. These are definitely not a one size fits all type of lingerie.

Retro lingerie

The Dita Von Teese lingerie line of fine sexy undergarments is all about retro and in particular the forties and fifties style of vamp or Burlesque under garments. When you see the bra and panty sets or camisoles or baby doll pajamas that turn mens heads and definitely caught their eye, you know that Dita Von Teese lingerie has grabbed their attention.

Men love the look of teeny tiny sexy lingerie and the Dita Von Teese lingerie line is most definitely one which grabs their attention. Men who usually hate to buy “unmentionables” for their ladies seem to naturally motivate toward these sexy under garments, and buy them as gifts. Women, on the other hand, are sometimes shy about modeling them for their men but upon seeing the reaction they receive, find it fun and seductive.

How better to please your man than by posing in some Dita Von Teese lingerie on warm cozy evenings together at home. Von Teese appears at a wide assortment of fashion shows around the globe and brings along her eclectic taste in fine sexy lingerie to show the crowds of onlookers how to turn their special someone on in a special way. With an assortment of silk, satin, and lace, you can be assured of finding what she likes and especially of finding garments to his liking in Dita Von Teese lingerie.

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